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Historic Star Wars

by on Aug.23, 2010, under Eye Candy

Not so long ago, in a galaxy….uhhhh…..right here, there was awesome art depicting some of the most timeless characters as they might have appeared at the turn of the 18th Century. Much like our Antique Japanese Star Wars art, these portraits by Greg Peltz are made of sheer win!

Behold! Luke and Leia…

Darth Vader, aka Daddy (oops, you didn’t know that?? My bad! hehehehee)

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Bacon AT-AT

by on Apr.14, 2010, under Miscellanea

This is for both my Bacon and Star Wars lovers.  While I am not as rabid bacon fan as I know so many of my friends are, I do indulge in the occasional piece.  I just love how this combines these two unrelated ideas in such a well executed way.

Behold! The Bacon AT-AT!
Bacon AT-AT

This was apparently created for the 2nd Annual Bacon Day celebration (never hear of such a holiday, but I’m not at all surprised one exists).  Here is another great bacon craft, which was created for the 1st Bacon Day celebration.

I give you the B-AK-47!

*Click either pic for links to the original article with additional pictures.

Let Doctors, health nuts and nutritionists the world over cower in fear under the threat of such artery-clogging and cholesterol-laden artillery! Kind of makes me excited to see what they will come up with for the 3rd Bacon Day, iBacon?

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Antique Japanese Star Wars Art

by on Apr.07, 2010, under Eye Candy

If you have seen my bedroom, you will know that I am a lover of Japanese art. Artist Steve Bialik has taken several of the major characters of the Star Wars films and given them a ancient Japanese makeover. I have to say, I am loving these! I can’t decide with is my favorite. These could be printed on some mock Japanese scrolls and would make great wall art!

Darth Vader:


Emperor Palpatine:


Han Solo and Chewbacca:

Jabba the Hutt (and Leia?):

Boba Fett:

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