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Summer of the Skewer

by on Jun.29, 2011, under Yummies

ke·bab (or ke·bob also ka·bob): cubes of meat (as lamb or beef) marinated and cooked with vegetables usually on a skewer

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Web. 28 June 2011.

My first kabob (I know it should have an ‘a’ not an ‘o’, but I don’t care) encounter of the summer was several weeks ago. My best friend and her fiancee were visiting from out of state with family down at a lake house not far from where I live. They invited The Man, The Bean, and myself over for dinner. There we were served some simple and delicious lamb kabobs. These were pure in flavor and content, easy for all to eat, and offered a verity of delicious grilled veggies that were a good complement to the lamb flavor (recipe below). As I spent the next several days visiting with them, there were were a variety of other kabobs to be had.

This got me thinking about what a quintessential summer cook-out food kabobs are.  If you are tired of burgers and hot dogs, these can be a yummy, and often healthier, alternative. They are generally not difficult to assemble (so long as you stay away from exotic ingredients), they offer endless combination options, are typically kid-friendly, and can be tweaked for even the most picky of eaters. Don’t care for onions, here’s a skewer without. Only want the meat, no problem. Also, with adding a marinade to the meat (and veggies, if your so inclined), you can pump up the flavor even more.

Within just a few days of the kabob-filled lake house weekend, seemingly by coincidence (but who knows), I came across several more delicious-looking skewer-fillers.

Garlic Balsamic Pork Kabobs by Pam of Once a Month Mom
pork kabob kabab pineapple

With this, I added some large pineapple chunks to my skewers, as I am a HUGE fan of grilled pineapple. For the first time ever I bought a whole pineapple and peeled, cored, and diced it myself. Not nearly as hard as I thought. If you think you can’t do this, your wrong, you totally can. All you need is a sharp knife and a large cutting board (I did make a bit of a mess). The kabobs were AMAZINGLY good. The Man and The Bean both loved them. I could have kept eating them too, but I wanted to save the last bit for lunch the next day. Six thumbs way up. (continue reading…)

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