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Fun with Flowers!

by on Feb.22, 2011, under Eye Candy

Since I had this holiday weekend to myself with The Man working, I had a last minute hair-brained scheme and took off to Kentucky to see my best friend and play Florist Assistant to her while we made mock-up wedding party flower arrangements. It was a fun weekend with them, in a beautiful town, with relatively decent weather considering they have had snow in the ground the last 2ish months.

Here’s my favorite pic of one of the finished products we created.

I had delusions of florist grandeur for the entire car ride back (when I wasn’t cursing my GPS for routing me home through the Appalachian mountains in the dark and making me drive 50+ miles to find a McDonald’s). I am now more excited then ever to see the final products made with the actual types of roses we are going to use for the wedding.

Craft-gazam over, now back to your regularly scheduled drudgery.

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