Punny Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

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As an adult, I’ve known a few teachers both as friends and family, and no joke these are some hard working professionals. Yes, they get the summers off, but for the other 9 months of the year, they are working many extra hours before and after the class bells ring. This year I got the wild hair to put together some gift bags for The Bean’s two Pre-K teachers for Teacher Appreciation week. They have been really good with her this year and I think they deserve the real credit in helping her to be selected for our optional out-of-district elementary school. Teacher Appreciation Gift Bag

Here is a list of printables I found for the gift items I put together yesterday, and one original that I created myself. I included an item for each day of the week along with a card signed and decorated by The Bean. She was very excited to hand these to her teachers this morning.

1. Thanks a Latte for All You Do by Longing for Home Designs: Starbucks gift cards are classic for teachers. And it doesn’t even matter if they don’t like coffee since Starbucks offers so many other things; teas, fruit smoothies, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, etc. When I am not feeling as creative as this, I usually just get a well-loaded Starbucks card for the teacher and call it a day. For this I used some medium weight tan card stock I had on hand. My local grocery store has a Starbucks inside it, so when I went to pick up the gift cards, I got two of the cup wrappers as well. I hot-glued those to the card stock and used tape to secure the cards inside of them.

2. Thank for Helping Me Sparkle by Love The Day:  Give the teacher a bottle of your (or your daughter’s) favorite glitter nail polish. Warning, this printable makes a bunch. I only needed two tags, but didn’t have the time or patients to mess with editing the PDF, so I just wasted the ink (which I hate) and let the whole page fly. These might be useful in the future for other gifts though, maybe a bridal shower thank you gift or a girl child’s future birthday goodie bags.

3. Your Were Mint to Teach by A Place Called Joy: Note this printable is just for the white label piece on top of the colored paper. I wanted to make it look a little more fancy and thanks to my scrap booking paper collection, I had no trouble finding some cute coordinating paper to make a full size wrapper for the Altoids tin. This could be used with any type of mint flavored treat – gum, peppermint patties, Mentos, star peppermints, Andies candies etc.

4. You Deserve a Break by Eighteen25: If you are over 30 (ugh, dating myself here) then you will surely recognize the reference to the Kit Kat bar jingle. If not, learn yourself something new. This printable is cool because it includes 2 sets of the individual pieces. The circle is separate from the ribbon, which ads a nice 3d element to the tag. If you don’t happen to have a circle cutter like it did, you might have some anxiety there, but not everyone is the perfectionist I am either, so maybe not.

5. Soak in the Summer by OhhShiny: One of the original gift suggestions from school was some bubble bath. Well when I was shopping, for whatever reason, the bubble bath section at my local store had be decimated. Only things left were a few bottles of store brand bath gel and trusty ol’ Mr. Bubble. While I did momentarily toy with the idea of getting them some Mr. Bubble to be funny, I ultimately decided I wanted to go with an item I thought they would really use, thus leading to me picking out some nice smelling bath body soak. After hours of wrangling toddlers, who wouldn’t relish a chance to relax and soak in a hot bath?? When I got to the point of assembling the gift bags I realized I had clever little tags for all the items except this. Since I changed from the bubble bath item, the tag I had planned no longer made sense in the gift context. I searched Pinterest and Google, and came up empty-handed for other pre-made gift tags for teachers for bath body soak. Thus, this original creation was born. I adapted the tag line from a holiday post I saw for bath soaks. A few minutes in Photoshop later, and this is what emerged. Honestly, I was ready for bed at this point, so this might not exemplify my finest work, but I thought, on the off chance someone else wants to put some bath body soak in a teacher gift bag, they might like these too. Pictured is a 3×5 size tag which is linked in the main entry above, but I made a page of smaller 3×2 tags also.

Soak Img

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Make Your Own Creepy Vintage Photographs

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My wonderfully creative friend and fellow blogger Dot of Dabbled.org created an awesome tutorial for making your own super creep-tacular vintage undead photos just in time for Halloween. Reminiscent of the spooky decorations found at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom ride The Haunted Mansion, these pictures are sure to garner interest at a Halloween gathering. One could also create a few of these from existing photos of friends and family and tuck them around the home for a discreetly dark vibe.

skulls undead living dead halloween

via dabbled.org

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Terrarium Holiday Ornament

by on Dec.09, 2011, under Craftables, Eye Candy

A friend of mine found this post and I thought it was just gorgeous.  I have personally always been fascinated with terrariums; tiny little worlds unto themselves. I hope I can find some time to make on of these for my tree this year and maybe, if I am really lucky, make a few to give as gifts.

Photo by Yuka Yoneda

via DIY: How to Make a Terrarium Christmas Ornament!

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Cards and Cocktails for Moms

by on Apr.29, 2011, under Craftables

Tiny Prints LogoHint: Keep reading for free stuff!

I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to my first blogger party a few days ago. That’s right world, watch out I’m going places! My friend Nancy, who runs the awesomely creative and crafty Dabbled.org, was asked to host a party for some local Atlanta bloggers and friends to promote Tiny Prints Mother’s Day card collection. They treated us, all mothers in our own right, to a wonderfully catered meal, a very generous wine budget, a manicurist, a masseuse, and a beautiful array of their most popular Mother’s Day cards. Suffice to say, we all had a wonderful night.

Being that Mother’s Day was the theme, there was lots of talk about our personal experiences with motherhood. Comparing horror stories, battle scars, and tales that make your heart melt, all while indulging and being pampered. I can say for sure, there are plenty of worse ways to spend a Wednesday night. Being a fairly new mom myself (my baby is almost 17 months old), I had a great time listening to the wisdom of those more experienced, and also being able to interject on occasion with my own particulars. I always love the reactions I get when I describe the projectile poop my daughter sprayed me with when I was changing her at about 4am when she was less then 2 months old. Nothing like standing in the shower, before the sun is up, washing liquid poop out of your hair.

Courtesy of Dabbled.org

Now, all that being said, TinyPrints really did impress me with their card quality and massive selection. I have already made 2 cards, one for my mother and I went ahead and got a jump on Father’s Day and did one for my Pops too. I scanned through their other occasion cards also and am looking forward to making some for birthdays and other upcoming holidays. For the same price (or in some cases less) that you’d pay at the grocery or pharmacy for a name brand *cough*Hallmark/American Greetings/Etc*cough* card, you can create a personalized card featuring pictures of your family, friends, pets, or whoever. Enter your own message, or use one of their many suggestions, and then they will print it and mail it either directly to the recipient or to you for a personal signature. Overall, the interface is easy and intuitive. You do not need to be a computer wiz to figure out how to upload your pics or get them onto the cards, it walks you though step by step. All this without having to trade elbows with other last minute card shoppers while having to pick over the card reject graveyard. TinyPrints is MUCH easier and doesn’t cost you any gas!

I am very much looking forward to seeing my finished card and seeing my mom’s reaction when I get to give her a card plastered with her grand-baby’s pictures. If the quality is on the same level of the cards we got to see at the party, I am sure to end up with an excellent finished product.

Courtesy of Dabbled.org

Now for the best part: FREE STUFF FOR YOU! You can create your very own FREE Mother’s Day card just by clicking Like on TinyPrint’s Facebook page. There will then be a link in the menu on the left with instructions on how you can get your free card. Be sure to order by May 2nd, to ensure delivery in time for Mother’s Day.

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Spring Centerpiece

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I got the idea for this craft project after making my silk-dyed eggs and deciding that they were so pretty I wanted a way to display them for more then just the Easter holiday. My seasonal centerpiece was in desperate need of an update for spring, and I thought turning it into a little spring garden would be a great way to accomplish both things.


  • Tall glass vase
  • Moss (or some type of grass-colored fabric)
  • Decorative eggs (insides removed)
  • Seasonal flower stems  – I used Hyacinth, Daffodils, and Pansies, but you could use Gerber Daisies, Iris, Tulips or any spring flower you fancy.
  • Optional:
    • Depending on how wide  your vase is,  you may need something to help support the flower stems. I purchased a cylindrical piece of florist foam. Turned out however, I didn’t need it.
    • Decorative enhancements: in this example, I found a very pretty and life-like butterfly while I was tootling around the craft store and thought it would add a nice touch.


  1. If your flowers come in bunches as mine did, use wire cutters to remove each individual stem for them group.
  2. Add a layer of moss in the bottom of the vase.
  3. Position your decorative eggs on the top of the moss. Again depending on how wide your vase is, you might need to add the florist form at this point to help support your eggs against the outside of the glass and keep them from falling towards the center.
  4. Once your eggs are positioned, start adding your stems. I worked from the middle out, positioning my largest stems first, then filling in the remaining space with the smaller stems.
  5. Add any other decorative items to the arraignment.

Click on the individual pictures for a larger view:

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