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by on Jun.02, 2010, under Auricular

I loved UP! I was such a cute story and this remix by the Australian DJ, Pogo is an awesome visit back to the movie. His beats and loops are comprised almost completely from elements of the movie. This is very cheery and dare I say, UP-lifting 😉

He also made a very cool Alice in Wonderland mix (the animated original) that was further enhanced by using yooouuutuuube which tiles and rotates through the video in numerous windows. I would recommend checking this one out also, but watch it first before partaking in any “mood enhancers” or it might get a little intense.

One last goodie from Pogo, Scrumdiddlyumptious. This is a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory mix of the Candy Man song. Just too much fun! (bonus Yooouuutuuube version!)

via Nerdist

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Get on my Horse!

by on Apr.26, 2010, under Auricular

I just spent half and hour trying to find this video again. I remember it going viral when it first was posted last fall, and that when I played it on the original site which looped it, I sat and listened to it far longer then any sane person would. So I present to you, and oldie but a goodie  (children look away…)

Amazing Horse

Side note: Apparently there is some connection between the person that made this song and the animation of the infamous Banana Phone video. I love Banana Phone so much that it is my overly obnoxious ring tone for when I actually take my phone off silent.

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