The idea behind this blog was for me to have a place to collect and share my diverse thoughts and interests with the world. Well who am I you ask, here is a little bit about me, TheSquirrel behind OohShiny.info:

When I am not organizing cyber-clutter as a database administrator, I am changing diapers and taking care of my adorable daughter at our home in the Northeast Atlanta metro area. In regards to cooking, my food journey started as so many do, with my mother and trying to imitate her art in the kitchen. Now that my cooking skills have grown legs, I am branching out and trying some of my own edible experiments.

I got interested in photography a few years ago after meeting Grieg Wehr. I had the opportunity to obtain a DSLR camera at a great deal and thought it might be a lot of fun taking some artistic pictures. I would still certainly consider myself a novice, but through taking and editing pictures, I am learning a lot of interesting and appealing techniques, and also finding beautiful art by others along the way.

Crafting is another hobby of mine. I vividly remember craft days from summer camp and how much I enjoyed it when it was our group’s turn at the craft station (my favorite just behind pool time and lake time). Scrapbooking is a major interest of mine and one what dove-tails nicely with my photography. I am also a fan of general house-crafts and food-crafts. I like to keep busy, and at least for me, crafting is a productive way to keep my hands working and also end up with something useful and pretty (that is to say, for my successful crafts, which not all are).

Please note: The views and opinions expressed on this site are those of the site’s author, and if you don’t like them….well, tough. 😀 Also this blog may cause feelings of pleasure and/or enjoyment. It will not however protect you against Zombies. Do not take this blog with other online pain relievers, as it may cause an unsafe spike in endorphins and euphoria.

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