Apple-palooza: Part 3

by on Oct.15, 2010, under Yummies

So I caved and bought an apple peeler. Sure, sure, I could have saved the $20 for something else, but this is actually a multi-tasker that I will will get a fair amount of use. Well, at least enough to justify the investment. Here’s what I ended up with:

This has a suction base rather then the traditional clamp. I was pretty impressed with how well it held to our counters, although it did come up once. We only have composite counters, so I can’t place all the blame on the tool. The peeling process was pretty good, although at the top of one of the apples, near the steam, it lost its contact and I had to go back and cut away leftover skin myself. The corer was perfect. Regardless of all of this though, the best feature by far was the SPEED! I cored, peeled and sliced 3 large Granny Smith apples in a fraction of the usual time! With my knife issues, this would have taken me MUCH longer to do by hand. I was so excited to use my new toy however, I ended up having my apples ready long before they were needed, so into the fridge they went.

And this brings us to the next recipe, Apple Galette with Cider Drizzle. Now, I had never heard of a galette before this, although I think I had seem them in bakeries. Reading the ingredients, it sounded right up my alley. Unfortunately, I committed a total newbie error and didn’t read further. Before you think about making this READ ALL OF THE RECIPE TO SEE THE TIME INVOLVED!!! This ended up taking me almost three hours from start to finish. None of the actually prep took that long, it was all the waiting! The cider drizzle has to sit for 1 hour. Then another blunder, I didn’t read my pre-made puff pastry box until after my drizzle was in the fridge cooling to find out it needed 40 minute to defrost (DUH!). Then, once the pastry was defrosted enough for me to shape it, it had to cool for 20 minutes. Then, I made the apple filling and it had to cool another 15 minutes! Then there is the actual baking time of 35 minutes, plus the 15 minutes of cooling. Suffice to say, I was almost so disgusted with myself and this recipe by the time it was done, I almost didn’t even try it…almost.

I just waited 3 hours for this damn thing to be ready and yes, it was past my bed time and I was cranky, but this galette was not going to have the last laugh! I’m not sure I can say it was worth the 3 hours, but it was pretty darn delicious. (Now take in mind, my opinion is probably colored by the 3 hours I had to work for this. Had someone prepared this for me, I probably would have taken much greater pleasure in it’s taste). The puff pastry crust was flaky and sweet, as promised by the egg wash with the sugar sprinkle. The apples were a flavorful balance of sweet and tart. I just love Granny Smith’s for baking. The cider drizzle was excellent on both the galette and the vanilla ice cream. There was plenty left over though. If I ever make this again, which there is a distinct possibility of as I think this is a very pretty party dessert, I will probably half the amount of drizzle.

Keep your eyes peeled (hehehe-see what I did there!) for the next installment of Apple-palooza. Still to come are Apple Slump, Apple Tarte Tatin, and Apple Cupcakes!

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